Social responsibility as the basis of Jiahe Food's quality

A soil can only be as good as the people who work there: Because it takes time before the interplay of expertise and nature is rewarded by a bountiful harvest. That is why we at Jiahe Food think holistically: fair and sustainable cultivation ensures your certified organic quality and protects our nature. In long-standing and direct contact with our producers, we create the basis for our quality. We plan the work ahead together, which pays off in terms of freshness and taste. And it doesn't matter whether the people work on the land, in packaging, logistics or distribution: It is the passion for good product, freshness and sustainability that unites us. This is how we create freshness and quality together every day.

We assume a high level of social responsibility. Fair to the people.
We think and act sustainably.
Fair to the nature.
Together, our team stands for quality and passion. On site and here.

Our certifications

GRASP is an add-on for GlobalGAP: an additional certificate that we at Jiahe Food attach great importance to. It regulates the safety, well-being and health of workers on our partner farms. Because good agricultural practice is also about the people behind the products. GRASP sets its own standards in countries where national legislation is not as strict on minimum wages or minimum age for legal employment. These are then usually higher and better for the employees, who can look forward to a good social management system. Our partners implement this, guaranteed.

SMETA is the world's most widely used social certificate. It is based on the non-profit organisation Sedex, which stands for improved working conditions in global supply chains all over the world. SMETA is the abbreviation for Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit. It sets standards for ethically responsible business practices in global trade. Jiahe Food is happy to join this, because for us and for SMETA, the focus is on sustainability and ethical action. As part of a SMETA audit, the entire supply chain is audited and mapped: Above all, the holistic view of dealings with trade and cooperation partners, suppliers and manufacturers is the focus here. An ideal addition to our portfolio, because we live these values from the very beginning.