Our ginger from China: Large, bright and juicy tubers

Shandong; Guangxi
Weifang Jiahe Food Co. Ltd
Available quantity:
Organic Ginger 40,000 kg & Ginger 20,000kg per week
52 weeks per year
Loose in the crate, from 3 to 13 kg or in the tray with pleasure customer-individually

Shandong province is the largest and most important growing region for our ginger in China. The second source of our ginger is in the province of Guangxi, where very tasty and very aromatic ginger is grown. In both provinces we have our own cultivation with about 160 hectares of BIO ginger. Due to the climate, only one harvest is possible each year. The ginger is harvested in October and after storage it is processed and shipped from the warehouse in mid-December. Arrival in Europe is in mid-January. This ginger is characterised by its large bright and juicy tubers.

Why Ginger is a Superfood?

  • Rich in healthy ingredients
  • Helps against travel sickness
  • Can positively counteract arthritis, rheumatism and digestive problems
  • The natural spiciness stimulates the metabolism
  • Naturally lowers blood pressure
  • Magnesium, iron and calcium as ingredients stimulate the regeneration of stressed muscles
  • Has an expectorant effect and relieves inflammation