Jiahe Food stands for quality from cultivation, storage and processing to the sales counter.

Our quality management starts at the source: We personally look at the production conditions on site. In doing so, we rely on a relationship based on partnership, where a handshake is still worth something. The interaction between nature and man, which bears rich fruit with every harvest, is just as important to us as the cooperation with independent testing laboratories. Added to this is a short and clean supply chain with precisely plannable deadlines. We only work with IFS (International Food Standard) certified companies, also in logistics. From cultivation and harvesting to storage, transport and processing, we stand for organic quality that will delight your customers every day. With traceable documentation, with freshness from the producer to the consumer. And in the long term, without ifs and buts, with a growing pool of partners. We at Jiahe Food are fair and fresh every day. You can count on that.

We guarantee stringent quality
control from A to Z
We work hand in hand with independent testing laboratories
We ensure clear documentation for traceability back to the field
Our mission - fresh products from the producer to the sales counter
We guarantee fast and secure logistics

Our certifications


The organic label of the European Union
The EU organic label is a quality and inspection label for products produced in accordance with the EU Regulation EU 2018/848. It is relevant for us at Jiahe Food, as it regulates the import of raw materials and products from third countries/non-EU countries. Strict, batch-related controls are mandatory.

Products with this seal may:

  • not be exposed to ionising radiation for preservation purposes
  • not produced by and with genetically modified organisms
  • not produced with the use of synthetic plant protection products
  • not be produced with the aid of easily soluble mineral fertilisers
  • contain no sweeteners and stabilisers as well as synthetic colourings, preservatives and flavour enhancers

The IFS standard defines exact requirements with a focus on food safety, compliance with quality specifications and customer orientation for the certified companies throughout the value chain. IFS helps the trade: the certificate is only awarded for high-quality food. As a company certified to this standard, we at Jiahe Food regularly prove that our products conform to and exceed legal and customer-specific requirements.

Global GAP is a worldwide quality and certification system for agriculture. GAP stands for Good Agricultural Practice. It ensures standards in the B2B business with food. This fits very well into our portfolio, as it reflects Jiahe Food's philosophy of also taking a close look at the conditions behind the product. The focus of our GlobalGAP certification is on the producer; quality management systems are audited. The goals are the promotion of sustainable production methods, responsible use of water, and the welfare of people and animals in agriculture. Responsible use of chemicals and pest control implemented in the production process result in more efficient, gentle production. Consumers are also involved: They can learn more about the producer by means of the GlobalGAP number (GGN) on the packaging.